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May 15, 2024

Why small businesses love using HoneyBook

Why small businesses love using HoneyBook

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Introduction to HoneyBook

If you're a small business owner looking to streamline your operations, HoneyBook is a game-changer.

At Good Brand Partners, we use HoneyBook as our business management platform to get paid, sign contracts, manage projects, and maintain relationships with clients—all while using on-brand, digital files that help us make better decisions. While we’re big fans of the software, there are some folks that may be on the fence as to whether the platform is right for them.

5 Reasons to love HoneyBook

So, if you're looking to transform your business from scattered to streamlined, here are five good reasons to integrate HoneyBook into your workflow:

1. Work efficiently and stay organized

Say goodbye to constantly switching tools for every task! HoneyBook allows you to manage all your important documents, payments, and client communication in one place.

With a shared client workspace, everyone stays on the same page. These workspaces enable easy access to all project details, documents, emails, and client information. Plus, you get read receipts on proposals, invoices, and contracts, and can track where each client or project stands with a customized pipeline.

2. Provide a simple client experience

Give your clients a seamless and delightful booking experience that reflects the quality of your services from start to finish.

Features to Highlight:

  • Design and share fully-branded and interactive proposals, brochures, and questionnaires
  • Allow clients to easily sign contracts and pay invoices online in one step
  • Schedule free or paid sessions based on real-time availability — no need for Acuity or Calendly!
  • Respond quickly to customers from your mobile device with email templates
  • Stay on top of client communication with custom reminders, read receipts, and more

3. Automate busy work to save time and money

Save time and scale your business without losing the personal touch. HoneyBook's automation tools handle repetitive tasks while you maintain control over where you want to step in.

Use workflows to automatically send emails and files, with the flexibility to make last-minute changes. Automated payment reminders help you avoid those awkward “how y’all doin'-style” check-ins. You can even set some automations to only send upon your approval—that way you can maintain control over your clientflow and ensure files, messages, and task reminders only send when you want them too.

4. Stand out with good branding

HoneyBook lets you put your brand front and center. Showcase what makes your business unique in every client interaction, helping you stand out and connect with clients.

  • Use pre-made templates customized to your brand, industry, and clients.
  • Incorporate your own fonts and logos on invoices, contracts, proposals, brochures, emails, and your client portal.
  • Customize all client-facing documents to reflect your brand.
  • Pro-tip: hiring a professional to help with branding your business is helpful.

5. Make smarter decisions

HoneyBook helps you make better business decisions, almost like having a virtual assistant on your team.

The lead source report shows you where leads are coming from and breaks down which sources have higher conversion rates, guiding your marketing spend. Monitor your revenue to understand what to expect each month and decide when to make bigger purchases. Keep track of outstanding payments to better benchmark your bank account.


By integrating HoneyBook into your business, you can streamline operations, provide an excellent client experience, save time with automation, enhance your branding, and make informed business decisions. You can even hire a HoneyBook Pro like me, Matthew, to help you with setup or optimization. Whichever path you take, just know that there are tools out there designed to make running your small buiness easier. You got this!