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May 8, 2024

Why we build websites with Webflow

Why we build websites with Webflow

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Director, Web Development

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Choosing the right platform to build your website is a pivotal decision. With so many options out there—WordPress, Squarespace, Wix—it’s easy to feel lost. Enter Webflow: our go-to choice at Good Brand Partners. Webflow isn’t just another platform; it’s a revolution in web design and development, offering unmatched flexibility and power. It’s a modern, cutting-edge tool that acts as both a web development platform and a Content Management System (CMS). 

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Webflow, you're not alone. As a relatively new platform, many initially question why we favor it over more traditional options. The answer lies in Webflow's unparalleled flexibility, which allows us to design and develop your new website the way you envision, without the usual constraints.

The Webflow Advantage

Total Design Freedom

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter themes and templates; Webflow offers total design freedom. This visual development tool enables us to create unique, bespoke designs without the typical restrictions. With Webflow, your website won’t just be another face in the digital crowd—it will stand out, reflecting the essence of your brand and vision.

Flexible and Powerful CMS

Webflow's CMS is not just flexible; it's powerful. Designed to cater to any use case, from blogs and services to portfolios and e-commerce, it ensures your content is managed and presented effectively. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for our diverse clientele, including online educators, coaches, non-profits, independent business owners, and other creative entrepreneurs, allowing them to showcase their offerings seamlessly.

Maintenance-Free and SEO-Friendly

The dread of platform maintenance, plugin updates, and SEO optimization can be overwhelming. Webflow alleviates these pains by being maintenance-free and offering built-in SEO tools. This means you can focus on what truly matters—your content and audience—without worrying about the technicalities like 20 plugins breaking your site.

Fast and Secure Hosting

In today's digital age, website speed and security are paramount. Webflow's hosting services ensure that your website is not only fast but also secure, providing peace of mind for you and a seamless experience for your visitors.

Why Our Clients Love Webflow

Our clients, who come from various industries, have embraced Webflow for its adaptability and the control it offers them over their digital presence. Online educators, coaches, non-profits, independent business owners, and gaming companies—all find Webflow’s dynamic CMS and intuitive design platform instrumental in amplifying their online presence.

Empowering Clients with Safe, Simple Editing

A standout feature that our clients absolutely love about Webflow is the editor interface, designed specifically for those without any coding background. Webflow empowers you, the client, with the ability to make updates, post blog content, or change texts and images effortlessly—all without the fear of accidentally altering the site's overall design or functionality. This means more autonomy for you and less back-and-forth for minor updates, making your website management both efficient and safe. It’s the perfect balance between having control over your content and maintaining the integrity of your website's design, as crafted by our experts at Good Brand Partners.


Switching to Webflow was a game-changer for us and it could be for you too! Imagine having a website that not only looks stunning but is also a breeze to manage, update, and scale. No more wrestling with updates or security patches. More time to do what you love. Let's make your website work for you, not the other way around.

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